Monday, May 23, 2011

Wood You Believe....

Yep, I was trying to channel the comedic genius of Don Adams as Maxwell Smart! As you can see, we have some of our cabinetry in place. However, there are a few snags. First, the pantry cabinet is 12-inches shorter in width than the plans called for, second, there is no L-shaped banquette (they conveniently forgot to make it) and third, several of the cabinets are missing due to incorrect sizing. Also, they installed a Lazy Susan in one of the glass cabinets. I do not intend to artistically display my groceries, so that has to go! Also, there is no pull-out for garbage as per request. Ugh! I'm beginning to think KAOS is responsible for this operation...Agent 86, where are you!!???
My contractor said he thought we might be using the kitchen by the end of next week. My cheeky response would have been to bust out with my favorite quote by P.T. Barnum, but I reigned in my sass. It's not a good idea to piss off your contractor.


  1. " My cheeky response would have been to bust out with my favorite quote by P.T. Barnum..."
    SNORT! Can't say as I much blame you... But... still! It's getting there! And looking very nice, to boot. Althbough, I'd have to agree... glass cabinet Lazy Susan, kind of a weird idea... unless you just install a permanent, rotating (HA!), collection of your beadwork? :D

  2. LOL Julianna!!! I hadn't thought of that idea :P If you saw my collection of odds-n-ends spices, torn up boxes of cornflakes and other bits of grocery efflusia, you'd understand why I'd shy away from public display. I don't have 'those cool cannisters, neatly labeled and in alphabetical order' like Martha Stewart. I'm more of the "I want a cookie and I want it NOW...why is this box fighting me????"