Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gentlemen....Start Your Jackhammers!

The demolition phase of our kitchen/family room remodel began April 23rd. We left, conveniently, on April 22nd for our friends' beach house at Madeira Beach :D We returned to find a light coating of dust on every surface. The floor has two layers of tile and they've managed to remove the first layer with a jackhammer, but apparently the bottom layer has been permanently fused to the slab (!?) So, the tile guy is supposed to come (3 days ago!!!) to assess whether the new tile can be laid over the existing tile. My favorite part of construction work is being held captive in my own home waiting (and waiting and then waiting some more after having waited through the waiting period...) for the vendors to show up. PTHHTHTHTHT!!! Oh, if you're paying really close attention to the photos you'll notice the previous owners cut the trusses to make room for the AC ductwork!!! Also, notice mold in the pix of the wall...did I mention the previous owner was a CONTRACTOR??????????

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  1. Oh, lord, my house's previous owner was a contractor as well... Let's just say that interior lighting does NOT belong outside.... Oh, geez. Seriously, though, glad you found that mold... You'll all feel better... I'm totally jealous of your remodeling!!!