Friday, May 20, 2011

Gimme a 'T', Gimme an 'I'...Dammit just give me my ~TILE~!!!!

In fairness to my hard-working tilers, they are having to take their time since they have to 'float' the new tile over the existing tile, a labor-intensive effort. This process involves something called 'mudding.' Prior to remodeling, I thought mudding had something to do with utility vehicles, winches and lots of beer, but apparently the term applies equally to a gloppy, earth-colored mixture to which tilers afix the stones. Today, nothing is getting mudded, muddied or even muddled. The contractor underestimated how much tile would be required. Cutting the tile wastes some of the stones and so we're waiting for the extras. On the bright side there seems to be an endless supply of...MUD!!! If I were a pig farmer I'd be happier than a pig rolling in... Anyway, the floor is partially covered in tile and I expect it to be completed by the end of the weekend. Suuuuuuey!!!!!

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