Friday, June 10, 2011


Here's the thing I've noticed about the construction business. The vendors seem to 'check out' before the job is finished. They move on to the next job, get that next draw, leave the previous client, holding the toilet paper roll dispenser, in their rear view mirrors as they head down the road to the next cash cow. Yeah, you might've guessed that I'm not a happy camper. You'd be so right. I asked the contractor to move a phone jack/line down and add an outlet for a phone table. The electrician wasn't happy about performing this task. Fine. If I needed to call the phone company to move the phone jack, just say so. But don't cop attitude and then drag your sorry ass over and eff up the entire job. Notice how far he moved the jack???? That is a light switch next to it!!! I don't even have room to put the face plate back on the light switch now. And thank you for replacing the antideluvian jack cover. Nice touch!!! Then there is the outlet at the exact same height. Really??? Do most people like the aesthetic of running electrical cords vertically up their walls??? I just can't believe in this economy, with vendors moaning and groaning about loss of revenue, that this kind of lack of attention to detail and shoddy workmanship is even a remote possibility. I'm just sharpening my fangs for when the contractor shows up...


  1. Here... Use my Dremel. The sharpening will go faster. Wtf????

  2. So what happened? Is it all fixed and livable now? I loved reading all about your remodel (have been there and done that).

  3. Hi Sally! I haven't updated in awhile because we are in the Twilight Zone phase of the process. The contractor is dragging his feet on finishing up the detail work. I'll post an update sometime this week...fingers crossed :P